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Ketamine and TMS: Quick Start Guide to Marketing

Ketamine and TMS: Quick Start Guide to Marketing

As an alternative medicine practitioner, an investment in marketing, is an investment in the future. Psychedelco helps streamline new business acquisition efforts so you can focus on patient care and outcomes. Ketamine and TMS: Quick Start Guide to Marketing will outline key marketing strategies that contribute to your bottom line.

Our expert marketing team has years of experience marketing alternative health services such as Stem Cell Therapy, Weight Loss Management Packages, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Cannabis. Although, our sole focus is on psychedelic alternative therapies for resistant and/or chronic conditions.

Business Development

Drumming up new business is a full-time job, and a lot goes into it. As a small business owner, you’re always looking for opportunities to add value to your company. Such as driving community engagement and awareness at a local level. It’s important that the surrounding area to your practice in relation to your competition be clearly defined.

Ketamine is an emerging industry with positive outlooks. Our team of expert marketers can help. We execute custom strategies in concert with the right marketing tools. This works in concert to boost new patient acquisition. Worried about too many leads coming in? Don’t! We help train you to convert leads both ethically and effectively.

Event Marketing

Marketing alternative medical services such as Ketamine Infusion and TMS Therapies requires a lot of patient education. In our experience, any provider in a room of potential leads that can answer questions will foster new patient relationships. With events picking-up in 2022 we’re excited to help you build profitable and meaningful relationships in your community.

We help providers build reputation in their community as both a small business owner, and leader in local alternative medicine. Similarly, word-of-mouth marketing is a type of earned media that acts as a business asset to your company. The more members in your community that understand ketamine therapy, the more instant referral partners you create.

Psychedelco aims to help practitioners attract rooms full of potential patients.

Website Development

The first patient interaction often occurs before you even know a prospective client is considering your services. It happens when they visit your website or social media listing. As a result, it’s important to cultivate content that feels relatable to your prospective audience.

We offer professional mobile optimized website design, development, and improvement services customized for your budget. Many providers benefit from improvements such as payment portals and online HIPAA compliant patient forms. Subsequently, team of designers is always producing new and innovative ways to improve patient experience at every touch-point.

Branding and Design

Professional branding and design help communicate a consistent and recognizable brand that is synonymous with your target services. Professional branding sets the stage for important customer expectations like costs/rate, cleanliness, and value.

We offer comprehensive branding and design services that include professional logo design, brand messaging, style guides, and even brochures and other marketing material you might put in key locations like your waiting area.

Content Creation

Many private practice owners don’t have time to write content that is impactful and communicates with your audience but communicates to the search engines that your content is valuable to their users.

Our team of content creators works hard to generate relevant content that users want to engage with, act on, and share with their friends. By cultivating content aimed at adding value to visitors we create a foundation for more advanced and tactical content marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Establishing your organization as an authority for alternative medical care in your target service area is a lot of work. It involves building your online footprint to bring both brand awareness and drive positive community engagement. Which often turns into new business development.

Psychedelco creates and improves on the existing SEO efforts and paves the path to generating pre-qualified leads. Wouldn’t it be great if clients could spend hours on your website just reading patient experiences and learning about services? Our expert SEO services will extend your organic reach and improve your brand reputation.

Social Media Management

Social media has become one of the most influential platforms on the globe. They’ve gotten very good at acquiring user data that is segmented and tagged for the purpose of putting relevant ads in front of users and better refining their own systems. On the other hand, we know that every client journey is unique.

Our social media management team opens the door for community engagement and communication. It’s important to meet your patients where they’re at. We assure you that many of them are on social media.

Psychedelco helps you manage your brand image and reputation through community engagement.

Ethical Paid Marketing

Attracting new clients looks like qualified prospects that receive consistent and reputable brand messaging that inspires to take action. The initial action is likely going to involve additional information gathering and typical consumer research that causes them to engage with your company.

Our digital marketing experts are constantly optimizing and improving pay-per-click ad campaigns. When paid advertising is supported by ethical and consumer driven content and paired with quality technical expertise and design – the potential is endless. 

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