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Everything You Need to Know About Micro-dosing

Everything You Need to Know About Micro-dosing

You may have heard something in the news or on television about micro-dosing. Psychedelics appear to be going low-key mainstream. So, what is micro-dosing? It’s taking small, or “micro-dose” of psilocybin or other hallucinogens on a semi-regular schedule. In this article we will go over everything you need to know about micro-dosing.

Is Micro-dosing Safe?

While the long term effects of micro-dosing are widely unknown, the results thus far are promising. Findings in one study found almost a 27% increase in improved mood and 15% boost in focus. Negative side effects included physical discomfort and less than a 7% increase in anxiety.

Types of people that microdose

What Types of People Micro-dose?

People of all shapes and sizes indulge in psychedelics to varying degrees and for assorted reasons. For instance, professionals like Steve Jobs are coming out of the psychedelic closet. Jobs publicly discusses experiences on LSD. He reports it was a profound experience. Some speculate without LSD Jobs wouldn’t be where he is today.

Can Micro-dosing Jump-start Your Career?

Micro-dosing in hopes of gaining a professional edge is becoming more common practice. That’s right, you don’t have to be a millionaire to explore the inner dimensions of your psyche. However, much like cannabis, psychedelics are not without stigma. Just look at CEO and Founder Justin Zhu. He was fired by his company’s board of directors for micro-dosing before an investor meeting in 2019.

Micro-dosing might improve work satisfaction.

Do Psychedelics Improve Creativity?

In fact, Inc.com reports psychedelic drugs might be the best kept productivity secret in Silicon Valley. This idea is echoed in television shows like Workin’ Moms. Where you guessed it, working mom’s experiment with LSD on a retreat in Season 3, Episode 8. In another episode (that I can’t seem to find) the main character takes psychedelics to boost creativity. The best part? She partakes with coworkers during working hours at a busy marketing firm.

So, do psychedelics really boost creativity? Learn more about psychedelics and creativity here.

Is it Safe to Drive While Micro-dosing?

An effective micro-dose does not generate hallucinogens. That being said, taking one should have little to no acute effects on your ability to perform day-to-day functions. However, the individual effects of any drug can vary from person-to-person. The effects should always be understood before getting behind the wheel.

Media outlets like the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and multiple others report on micro-dosing. While online psychedelic communities grow to the tens of thousands, adding more and more people every day. It seems a psychedelic revolution is quietly emerging in the background of everyday life.

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