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Alex Grey, Pioneer of Modern Psychedelic Culture

Alex Grey, Pioneer of Modern Psychedelic Culture

Alex Grey, a pioneer of modern psychedelic culture is a well-known artist and spiritualist in the psychedelic community. His popularity grew tremendously after Grey’s artwork appeared on multiple Tool album covers. But Grey isn’t just an artist, both he and his wife Allyson co-founded the Foundation for Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) in 1996. Here, at this 501(3)c they presumably still engage in performance and ceremonial activities.

The CoSM is a permanent public exhibition of Grey’s work. Both co-founders act as ministers of CoSM. Which is a transdemoninational church. Meaning people from different denominations are unified for a common cause. CoSM is said to be “a place of contemplation and worship for community honoring the practice of art as a spiritual path”.

Deepak Chopra said, “The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors will bring you face to face with your soul and move you to a new level of enlightenment.” That’s quite the endorsement from such an influential spiritual leader.

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Entheon, 2021
CoSM is where spirituality and creativity intersect. Photo Credit: Alex Grey https://www.alexgrey.com

In addition to CoSM, the Grey’s are erecting a $1.5M 12,000 square foot exhibition in the form of a temple called the Entheon, said to be “A place to discover the god within.” Everything from the bronze and glass doors, to the steeplehead crowning the structure was carefully chosen and holds sacred meaning. For instance, each visitor to the Entheon sanctuary of visionary art, turns a sacred prayer wheel – in essence, each visitor circulates the same prayers into the cosmos. We assume the ruling belief is that the repetition of the prayers inscribed will bring about positive outcomes.

“The mission of art is to make the soul perceptible.” Alex Grey

Prayer wheels are largely used in Tibetan culture. According to literature, prayer wheels are used for many common purposes. People use them to cleanse the spirit, come closer to enlightenment, draw protective energy, and more. Some believe that the mere act of spinning the wheel sends the prayer into the universe for further manifestation.

Prayer wheels are found in many belief systems.

Alex Grey, pioneer of modern psychedelic culture sends the following prayers into the universe with the help of every CoSM visitor.

“May the Elements Be Purified.”

“May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

“May All Being Be Liberated.”

“Sustain the Web of Life.”

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